Ages infant-1 year old

This room concentrates on providing a safe nurturing environment that develops trusting relationships away from parents.  Babies learn that church is a fun place to be!

Contact: Susan Seibel (Nursery Director) 

Fives and Sixes

Ages 5-6

This is our preschool experience.  Once our children go into first grade, they move up to C52 Kids.  The children receive the same lesson as the Threes and Fours including praise and worship, prayer, puppet skits, object lessons, crafts and games.  The lesson time however is more in depth because this age is more inquisitive and want to know “why” and not just “what”.  More in depth prayer time is taken so that the children can express their concerns for their families and their friends and even their own needs.  The beginning of a relationship with God is nurtured.  Take Home Newsletters are sent home weekly so families can share the lesson together.

Contact: Susan Seibel (Nursery Director)  

C52 Kids

Grades 1st through 4th

Join the C52 Kids on Sundays at
11 :00 am

Contact: Pastor Joey Inskeep (Student Ministry)

Ones and Twos

Ages 1-2 years old

In this busy room the children are exploring their environment and we utilize this curiosity to teach them about God.  This is accomplished through music, stories and sensory exploration.  Most of the time is spent playing, because this is how this age group is created to learn.

Contact: Susan Seibel (Nursery Director)

JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz)

Grades Pre-K through 5th Grade Join JBQ on Sundays at 9 am

Contact: Pastor Joey Inskeep (Student Ministry)

C52 Youth

Grades 7th through 12th

C52 Youth which meets every Sunday night at 6 pm in the SMC (Student Ministry Center).

Contact: Pastor Joey Inskeep (Student Ministry)  

Threes and Fours

 Ages 3-4

This is the first real classroom experience our children have.  A lesson is taught each week, praise and worship, prayer, puppet skits, object lessons, crafts and games.  All these activities are used to teach the Bible and are designed to target at least one of the ways your child learns best.  Take Home Newsletters allow parents insight into what is being taught so that they can reinforce the learning at home.

Contact: Susan Seibel (Nursery Director)

C52 Intermediate

5th & 6th graders

Our vision for 5th-6th grade is to disciple students to have their own relationship and faith in Christ. In the classroom we have a fun game that incorporates the message, we worship God, have a message directed towards 5th-6th grade students, and have small group time. Outside the classroom we have outreach with the C52 Youth every month that has a fifth Sunday. We also have Tri-Fri every third Friday. During this event we have snacks, play games, give out prizes, and end with a devotion.

C52 Intermediate meets Sundays at 11 am in room 206

Contact: Rob Morrow




Sarah’s Hope, Abraham’s Promise

Sarah’s Hope, Abraham’s Promise is an infertility and miscarriage support group where couples and individuals can come together to share stories, share hope, and build connections. 

Contact: Rob & Steffani Morrow (Ministry Leaders)

C52 Women

Our Mission : To see women LOOKING UPWARD To see women LOOKING INWARD – To see women LOOKING OUTWARD. Our desire is to connect women to safe, uplifting relationships based on godly principles.

Contact: Melissa Meade (Ministry Leader)

Outreach Team

Church 52’s Outreach Team is involved with various opportunities through out the year such as Thanksgiving Give-away and C52 Christmas Experience.

Contact: Jamie Inskeep (Outreach Director)

C52 Men of Iron

C52 Men of Iron is the Men’s Ministry at Church 52 focused on serving the homeless, widows, elderly, shut- ins, and those in need within our own church body

Contact: Ola Akinbola